10 Best Example of Progressive Web Apps in 2022

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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can be called an intermediate between mobile apps and traditional websites. But, why exactly do we need them? As technology advances, it brings new devices. In turn, this upgrades the requirements of your average user. The success of your business depends upon the ability to provide these requirements.

Should You Invest In Progressive Web Apps?

There’s no doubt that progressive web apps can provide a better user experience than websites and native apps. Progressive web apps are best in terms of delivering excellent UI and UX, SEO-friendliness, and device compatibility.

Why should someone invest in progressive web apps anyway? Web apps have several advantages over other application types. Here are some of the benefits of leveraging progressive web app development for your project:

  • Long term cost-efficiency
  • Offline accessibility
  • Efficient performance
  • No need for constant updates
  • Low data consumption
  • Platform independent

10 Popular and Inspiring Progressive Web Apps

Web apps are quickly becoming the norm for global businesses that want to reach the maximum number of users. If you’re going to follow suit, use Progressive Web Apps development to develop your project. Here are some inspiring examples of PWA’s success.

1. Adidas

Online sales through a progressive web app can turn out to be your leading revenue generator. The world is changing, and people are looking for what suits them and offers the most convenience.

You could pass your business off as more convenient by understanding the needs of your current and prospective customers. You can do that with the help of custom web application development services. Through this, the Adidas app was able to create a custom web app that users find easy to operate. They arrived at their desired product with this.

The addition of personalized filter and sort menus can narrow down any visitor’s specific requirement. That is especially helpful when there are hundreds of products on display. Ultimately, these features are worthwhile as they save a lot of time.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a popular note-taking application. An app like this is useful for everyone. Making it accessible to everyone may be your concern. With the help of a skilled web application development company, you too can create a highly accessible progressive web app.

Tools such as Evernote are evergreen and can be used by anyone. That is why developing a progressive web app is such a good idea to come up with. Anyone with access to an internet browser can efficiently use such a tool.

3. Google Drive

Another example of a very good PWA is Google Drive. The Google Drive application is used for storing and sharing documents and other files. This application is wildly successful and popular and a good example of a PWA that many people access all around the world.

Collaborative tools are much sought after, considering people are trying to connect from different parts of the world these days. This application was made platform-independent with endless device compatibility, which is a huge plus point.

4. Pinterest

The Pinterest apps (Android and iOS) did not get much traction when they launched. That is simply because the website offered much better performance than the apps. Unfortunately, it left the app users very disappointed in the apps.

The poor performance of the apps was detrimental to the business. So much so that the apps were re-made from scratch! This highlights why hiring the right Custom software development company the first time is so important.

Having to re-develop your app could be costly. Not to mention, having a different app for Android and iOS devices require two code bases. That results in higher costs and more time to develop. PWAs help to overcome these shortcomings!

5. Spotify

Everyone loves radio apps, and there is one app that comes to mind immediately. The Spotify app. This app is popular not just in its native app form but also as a progressive web app. That makes it popular on desktop and laptop devices.

Spotify managed to make an excellent PWA, but that wasn’t all they accomplished in the process.

The company managed to increase the number of paid memberships drastically. But this wouldn’t have been possible if the number of free memberships wasn’t already high. The efficiency of a PWA that encapsulates all user demands shows its worth in this case.

6. Trivago

Some of the most convenient web apps happen to be progressive ones. Thus, they are easy to access and perform rapidly. One type of web app that requires both these characteristics are hotel and flight booking websites.

Trivago did a great job of getting it right with its progressive application with the help of web application development services.

7. Uber

Transportation apps are a must-have if you commute on a daily basis and don’t have a personal vehicle. That at least means you stand lower risks of being left stranded somewhere off the grid. The Uber app has been instrumental in getting people from A to B, that too, on time!

So many people rely on the Uber app and its properties to provide efficient and reliable services. You can thank progressive web app development for this quality.

8. The Washington Post

A majority of people read the news on their mobile devices. But native mobile apps may not be the best way to go with this idea. Installable mobile apps may take a long time to load. This can be frustrating for users, leading to uninstalls.

A PWA will be faster and gather more users for its simplicity and instant news. A whopping 23% of users returned a week later! The speed at which the app loads must have a lot to do with the app’s success.

This has greatly helped the company, which otherwise depends on selling physical copies of the newspaper. In addition, a progressive app also allows for monetization using advertisements.

9. Starbucks

Are you looking to develop a progressive web application for your food or beverage business? Then take notes on how Starbucks managed to thrive under the online ordering system.

The lack of internet requirements means users can easily search the menu, select items, customize them and add them to the cart. All this without the need for the internet! This indeed is excellent for users. This saves their time and gives them the full scope of your menu.

10. Flipboard

The Flipboard magazine made a smart choice to efficiently use Web Application Development and make a Flipboard progressive web app. Due to it, the magazine enjoys a steady flow of new and returning users accessing the app as often as every day!

A magazine app would be a great way to start and create your first PWA. Reading news and other interesting content would be a great way to attract users. Also, you can hire web app developers to customize the colors and themes of your app to suit your readers.


Progressive web apps are rapidly becoming the first choice for developing a modern, convenient web application. What’s more is the sheer gratification users get from using such applications, which value users.

Want to give your business an edge over other companies that are still using old company-centric applications? If you do, consider Web Application Development by Narola Infotech. You will get software that represents your brand well and honors customer needs.



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