How Your .NET Application Will Benefit From .NET MAUI

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2 min readFeb 21, 2022

Finally, a new .NET update is coming around. It will transform .NET development by providing features that should have been around a lot sooner! We can forgive the delay in this update given the fact that Microsoft is including the .NET Multi-Platform App UI (MAUI).

Microsoft has already thrown its weight behind the new MAUI framework. The company says they will end Xamarin mobile development updates in November 2022. After this point, .NET MAUI will be a major component of the .NET environment. It will help .NET Development Company to make better applications.

Xamarin Will Become .NET MAUI

More experienced .NET developer are familiar with Xamarin.Forms but this will soon be replaced by .NET MAUI. Microsoft is upgrading Xamarin with new features but will also be changing its name.

Inner Loop Development

Times are changing and developers want to see changes made to their code immediately. Having all the facts sooner rather than later would be a great advantage and would result in faster .NET development.

MAUI Enables Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform support helps a .NET developer save time by not having to manage several projects with different code bases. You can even use a single code base for several projects, speeding up development and reducing development time and costs.

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