IT Staff Augmentation Best Practices For a Successful Business


When industries and businesses transform at a lightning speed as now, you need outstanding ideas and strategies to make sure yours doesn’t lag. It’s high time that you catch up with various trending methods to strengthen your business. IT staff augmentation is one of these methods used to cater to the requirements of clientele and streamline day-to-day business operations.

Importance of Choosing the Right Staff Augmentation Model

Custom software development demands more experienced and competent employees be a part of your in-house team. Companies need to scale their teams faster and more efficiently. As a result, this is the most commonly used approach.

You can leverage staff augmentation in the following cases:

  • You have a pre-existing IT team (smaller in size) but wish to extend it further to meet project requirements.
  • There’s a requirement for employees with specialized skill sets in your in-house team.
  • You are unable to find reliable, specifically skilled professionals in your location.

Seeking the most reliable staff augmentation services near you would be one of the best decisions. It’s the most sought-after solution that most IT firms prefer to complete large-scale projects with ease and perfection.

Businesses can spend more time working towards their objectives when they don’t have to worry about hiring a workforce and sustaining the same. In one of our blogs earlier, we mentioned how staff augmentation helps in scaling a business. To know more,

Read Our Blog: How Staff Augmentation Helps Scaling and Cost Reduction

How Does a Staff Augmentation Model Work?

In the process of assessing and scaling the skills of developers in your company, staff augmentation consulting service providers play a major role. Custom software development projects generally bring along many complex challenges. Having a partner to help enrich your team’s value simplifies the task which is otherwise cumbersome.

IT Staff Augmentation Best Practises That Make It Effective

To make sure that your organization yields positive results and ROI leveraging staff augmentation, you should follow some best practices.

1. Know and Set the Right Expectations

We have seen companies face challenges because of various reasons when using staff augmentation models. However, the most common one is that the augmented staff doesn’t understand what a recruiter expects from them. This leads to improper communication resulting in revisions, multiple meetings, and delayed deadlines.

You must be mistaken to take this task lightly. Setting expectations isn’t as easy as you think. Here are some points you must keep in mind.

  • Stick to a clear language
  • State reasons for all expectations
  • Specify expectations for each role
  • Seek commitment

2. Set Deadlines

Working without deadlines is like sailing across the ocean without knowing your destination. As a thriving custom software development company, we understand the importance of deadlines and how they keep us on the right track. Deadlines are crucial. After all, that’s one factor in how your clients rate your services.

3. Identify the Talent Gap

There’s no reason to unnecessarily extend your team of professionals. You should only be looking into fulfilling the existing requirements, or maybe the ones that would occur in the near future. Therefore, it’s important that you conduct an in-depth analysis of all the available resources and identify the gap. IT staff augmentation consultancy service providers will help you analyze the actual requirements and hire accordingly.

4. Set Communication Methods and Etiquettes

Smooth and on-point communication is the bedrock for successfully implementing augmented resources within your team. Lack of proper communication would result in a lack of clarity and revisions on every step. Thus, solid communication remains crucial right from the beginning.

5. Leverage the Best Tools and Technologies

Your extended team should be able to effectively collaborate with the in-house team in order to get a competitive edge and accomplish goals. Hiring developers who have experience in using cutting-edge tools and the latest technologies will ensure success.

6. Standardize Performance Measurement Metrics

IT staff augmentation offers many benefits. However, it involves third-party personnel dealing with your business affairs. It’s possible that the third-party personnel are not committed to the work assigned to them. Since they do not work from the office, it might be difficult to gauge their performance and progress perfectly.

7. Keep Records and Document Everything

When dealing with software development projects, code documentation is a necessity. Thus, you need to keep a record of each employee and the work they do at every stage. This makes things a lot more sophisticated.

Summing Up

With staff augmentation, you can definitely stay ahead of the prevailing competition. However, it is important that you follow the best practices some of which we have mentioned above. Seeking help from IT staff augmentation consultancy service providers would be the best decision. After all, informed decisions under professional guidance always have greater chances of returns.

At Narola Infotech, we have a growing team of skilled professionals who can help you accomplish software development goals and project requirements. You can consult us any time for respective services or any related queries.

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