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When starting a new software product or handling complex projects from scratch, there’s a lot to decide and do. Everything needs to be well planned and executed from ideation to staff management, and technical complexities to ensure project success. Offshore software development lets you outsource projects or selective tasks to reliable professionals, allowing you to meet deadlines and maintain the best quality standards.

The global offshore software development market was valued at USD 122,257.5 Million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 283,457.5 Million by 2030, at a CAGR of 10.13%.

While most businesses are already leveraging the greatness of this outsourcing model, we want you to get to know it better too. This comprehensive guide is a window that lets you peek into what is offshore software development, its benefits, when you need it, and everything else that you must know before you outsource your duties or projects to external professionals.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development means outsourcing tasks or projects to a team located in a different region or time zone from your company’s headquarters.

Let’s assume you’re a baker running a bustling bakery in New York City. Your cakes are famous, there’s a line out the door, but you need more hands to keep the ovens roaring. You could hire another local baker, but wages are high, and finding the right fit is tough. Then, your cousin mentions a talented pastry chef in Poland, eager to work for a fraction of the cost. Certainly, you’d want to give it a try.

That’s essentially the story of offshore software development. Instead of cakes, you’re baking software, and instead of Poland, you’re tapping into a global pool of coding talent in places like India or other countries.

This outsourcing model lets you work with a skilled individual or a software development team from another country. Thus you will have a remote team to work on your software development project. According to your requirements, the scope of these offshore software development services may vary. You may want any one of the respective tasks done or outsource the entire development process from designing, coding, and customization to software testing, support, and maintenance.

When Do You Need Offshore Software Development Services?

It’s natural and good to compare your options and not want to haste into any decisions regarding crucial projects. Well, there are various factors to help you identify if software development offshoring is a viable option for your project’s success.

5 Indicators to Know If You Need Offshore Software Development

There Are Budget Constraints

Whether you’re building software for your own business or handling complex projects, offshoring lets you accomplish goals within a set budget. Hiring offshore software developers gives you access to similar or better skills at comparatively lower prices. While you can find offshore talents at lower prices, they still keep up a high quality of development. Thus you can make the best use of available resources and develop reliable software products within the available financial stretch.

Your Project Requires Specific Skills

Even when your project demands specific skills, offshore software development can still be a viable option for several reasons. The global talent pool is expanding significantly. You’re not limited to local developers which gives you access to a wider range of expertise. It gets easier to find potential specialists in your niche technology or domain who might be scarce in your geographical region. This can be particularly beneficial for projects that require the latest skills or the use of rare programming languages.

You Are Dealing With A Complex Project

There are times when inhouse teams fall short for projects with greater complexities. However, with software development offshoring you’re not limited by local resources. You can tap into regions with a booming tech scene and skilled professionals specializing in intricate software development. This allows you to assemble a team with the exact expertise needed for your project’s unique challenges, potentially including niche technologies or specific development methodologies.

You’re Targeting International Markets

Building a software product that garners success globally or on specific international fronts takes a little extra effort. If you’re targeting a specific international market, an offshore team with local knowledge and cultural understanding can be invaluable. This ensures your software is not just translated, but truly adapted to local nuances, cultural references, and user behavior patterns. Imagine catering to a French audience with a UI designed for English readers — offshore teams with deep cultural understanding can prevent such misfires.

You Need An Extended Team

Building an in-house team quickly can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when you need specific expertise. Offshore software development offers a reliable alternative for expanding your team efficiently. You gain access to a vast pool of skilled developers at competitive rates, often lower than your local market. This lets you tap into specialized skills that might be scarce or expensive locally. Plus, you can easily scale the team up or down based on project needs, avoiding the overhead of permanent hires.

They can work on your project during your downtime, effectively extending your working hours and accelerating development cycles. This allows your internal team to focus on core competencies while the offshore team tackles specific tasks, streamlining workflow and boosting overall productivity.

Scope of Services In Software Development Offshoring

Software development offshoring offers services that vary depending on the provider and your specific needs. If you were wondering what services you can get with this model, here’s the answer.

IT Consulting

IT consulting involves bringing in external experts to assess, strategize, and implement improvements to a company’s technology infrastructure and processes. From cloud migration and cybersecurity audits to software development and project management, offshore consultants offer specialized knowledge and experience that companies might lack internally. They act as temporary partners, tailoring solutions to unique needs and driving innovation alongside in-house teams.

Full-Stack Development

You can rely on offshore teams to handle the entire software development process, from the front-end user interface to the back-end database. Full-stack offshore developers wear many hats, proficient in both server-side technologies like programming languages and frameworks, as well as client-side development like web design and interactivity.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is like borrowing highly skilled experts for temporary periods. You hire external professionals to complement your existing team, filling in specific knowledge gaps or tackling surges in workload. This can be a great solution for short-term projects, specialized tasks, or scaling up quickly without committing to permanent hires. Think of it as a flexible workforce boost.

Project Management

Offshore software development lets you leverage the art of orchestration to bring a software product to life. Professionals collaborate and guide a team of developers, designers, testers, and stakeholders through the entire lifecycle — from conception and planning to development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Using various tools for communication, resource allocation, risk mitigation, and quality control, offshore project managers ensure on-time delivery, within budget, and meet the intended goals.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Software testing and quality assurance (QA) are two interwoven processes that ensure your software delivers a smooth and bug-free experience. Testing involves manually and automatically testing the software for its speed, and uncovering issues like crashes, compatibility problems, and security vulnerabilities. QA then focuses on broader quality aspects like usability, performance, and adherence to user needs. Offshoring these processes can bring considerable benefits, specifically cost savings and expertise.

Support & Maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance are essential for your software after its initial development. This includes fixing bugs, updating features, fixing security vulnerabilities, and providing user assistance. It’s like taking your car for regular checkups and repairs to keep it running smoothly. Outsourcing projects to offshore software development teams lets you leverage the benefits of this service. This way professionals can handle routine tasks, freeing up your in-house team for other necessary concerns.

Based on your preferences you get one or all of these services when signing up to collaborate with a reliable offshore software development partner.

9 Benefits Of Offshore Software Development For Your Business

Once a reliable offshore software development company has your back, there’s a wide scope of benefits and gains for your projects.

Introduce measurable performance metrics:

Provide objective data on progress and quality, fostering trust through transparency and shared accountability.

Team-building activities:

Break down silos and build rapport, boosting communication and visibility into individual strengths and work styles.

Cost of Offshore Software Development Services [Estimates]

The cost of offshore software development services can vary greatly depending on many factors, but it’s generally much cheaper than in-house development, especially for companies based in high-cost regions like the US and Western Europe. Here’s a cost breakdown based on location and developers’ experience:

offshore software development rates country wise

While this is just an estimate, your offshore software development partner can only tell you the exact cost considering your requirements.

Build a Great Offshore Team And An Excellent Software With Us

The reliability and benefits of offshore software development outweigh any challenges it holds. While it’s a great way to make your projects successful, collaborating with a trustworthy development partner remains necessary.

Want to outsource a project or specific services? Feel free to reach out via the contact form below. We’ll revert sooner than you expect!

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